Based on the TV hit show Glee

Glee Street is a local initiative for young people  age 5 -16 to enhance their vocal, creative and performance skills. Our platform aims to promote the voice of young people as well as encourage positive self expression of our local youths within our community. 

Glee Street stands to enrich young people culture awareness thus increasing community cohesion. 

We are looking for young people of all ages who have a general love of singing or  music and are  committed to developing their potential.  

 So if you are an aspiring musician, singer, dancer or songwriter and interested in making a big impact through music or  musical performance  then please contact us for more details.

Under the guidance and leadership of Croydon’s finest singer songwriter and vocal trainer – Magdalene Adenaike Music Relief.  

Glee Street  members get the opportunity to develop their vocal ability, meet other singers and share their voice in this vibrant and fun choir. 

Classes will prepare them to showcase their talent at community events and competitions held throughout the year.

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